Rakib is a male housekeeper who works in an aristocratic mansion belongs to Purna, a retired military general who is running for a mayoral election. When Purna’s election poster is vandalized, Rakib doesn’t hesitate to track down the culprit, kicking off an increasingly violent chain of events.
Cycle and Year:
2021 - Cycle 1
Year of Release:
Type of Project:
Feature Film
Foreign Production Company and Country of Origin:
KawanKawan Media (Indonesia), In Vivo Films (France), Potocol (Singapore), NiKo Film (Germany), Staron Films (Poland)
Local Production Company:
ACC Cinematografica Films
Work Done in the Philippines:
Post-production to be done in Metro Manila
Makbul Mubarak
Amount of Support:
PHP 3,500,000.00