Planning to shoot in the Philippines?

FilmPhilippines welcomes international productions to a holistic shooting experience in the Philippines. With locations ranging from lush islands to bustling urban landscapes, filming in the PH combines ease of business with English-adept production crews and talent, and now with a new incentive designed to stretch the budget for more possibilities for your projects, whether it’s for full-feature production, post-production, VFX or animation. The Film Location Engagement Desk (FLEX) automatically provides assistance with visas and government permits for production work in the Philippines, as well as casting and other production logistical support when available.

Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP)

Cinema | Audiovisual | International | Production | Cash Rebate

Eligible Projects: International audiovisual projects

Eligible Applicants: Philippine production company, post-production service company, animation studio

Requirements: Completed FLIP Application Form and supporting documents, and at least PHP 8 Million (approx: 157,000 USD) on Qualified Philippine Production Expenditures (QPPE)

Support: Selective 20% cash rebate on QPPE


Film Location Engagement Desk (FLEX)

Cinema | Audiovisual | International | Local | Production | Services

Eligible Projects: Local and international audiovisual projects

Eligible Applicants: Foreign or Filipino production company

Requirements: Completed FLEX Application Form and supporting documents

Support: Automatic assistance with finding your local partner, location scouting, sourcing of skilled cast, crew, equipment and technical facilities, securing visas and special working permits, production logistics and special government production assets, importation and exportation of equipment, and implementing health and safety protocols.


Regional Film Commissions

The FilmPhilippines Office is currently coordinating with provincial and local government units across the different regions in the country for the creation and sustaining of operations of regional film commissions that can service the production and logistic needs of local and international productions in their respective provinces. Please keep posted on this page for updates on the Regional Film Commissions in the Philippines.

  • Intramuros Administration, Manila
  • Cebu Film Commission
  • Bohol Film Commission
  • Davao Film Desk (DATA)
  • Ilocos Norte Media Office