Please note that all information provided by the applicant will be held by FilmPhilippines, and FDCP on a strictly commercial-in-confidence basis. Some information may be provided to the Philippine government, or an external auditor in order to assess the application. These parties will be bound to treat all such information as commercial-in-confidence.

Technical Requirements

  1. Please send the electronic copy of the full application including all attachments to [email protected] with the subject field, labeled "FLEX APPLICATION (name of project)"
  2. Please submit your excel sheet application form and either a single PDF file with all attachments/annexes grouped and labelled with the name of the project in all capital letters (compressed to no more than 10 MB) OR a well organized Gdrive link with all attachments/annexes properly named as per the requirement checklist and the name of your project. Do not send any missing item(s) individually or in separate emails otherwise we will consider your application incomplete.
  3. Please ensure all paperwork requested on the checklist is supplied in English.
  4. The official date of submission will be the date the FPO confirms that your application is complete.

Application Process

  1. Applicant company may contact the FPO early to discuss their project and to explore details surrounding FLEX or the other FPI.
  2. At least two (2) months* before any Filipino production activity, the applicant company should fill out and submit the FLEX Application Form and all supporting documents
  3. The FPO will verify the documents and the feasibility of the request and may ask for any further information. FPO may decline or accept an application if it does not follow and/or comply with these Guidelines and/or if the services asked are out of the FPO scope.
  4. Upon approval, the applicant company will receive the notification letter as well as the corresponding MOA for signature within ten (10) days after the date of submission of the FLEX form and complete attachments. For the local production companies applying, the hard copy of the signed MOA shall be sent to the FDCP Office. While for the foreign production companies, a soft copy of the signed MOA shall be sent through email.
  5. Upon receipt of the signed MOA, the FPO will send to the applicant company the corresponding FLEX services forms within six(6) days. The applicant should fill out and submit the FLEX services forms to FPO.
  6. Upon receipt of the complete services forms, the FPO can start coordinating with other governmental agencies on the agreed services. It can take up to forty (40) days* before any production activity in the Philippines can begin.
  7. The applicant company can start shooting.

*NOTE: While two (2) months is the standard amount of time it can take for the FPO to complete a FLEX assistance, there are some cases wherein partner government agencies/units might require a longer processing time (e.g. use of special government production assets). We recommend submitting your application as early as possible.