Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP)
The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) is the national agency under the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines responsible for film policies and programs to ensure the economics, cultural and educational development of the Philippine Film Industry. It aims to encourage the film industry to create quality films - from development, to production, to distribution and exhibition - and to conduct film - related events that enhance the skills of the Filipino talents. The agency also leads the film industry's participation in domestic and foreign film markets and local and international film festivals to promote and position Philippine cinema to be globally competitive. It is also tasked to preserve and protect films as part of the country's national cultural heritage through film archiving.


FilmPhilippines Office

Under the administrative and technical supervision of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, the Film Philippines Office facilitates the promotion of the Philippines as a highly-viable filming destination for international productions.

The FilmPhilippines Office (FPO) provides one-stop-shop assistance for government permits, and inter-agency endorsements to international film, television and other audiovisual productions coming to shoot in the Philippines.

Through its banner program FILMPHILIPPINES, FPO offers location incentive programs to attract a range of international film and audiovisual projects for full-on production and post-production in the Philippines, as well as foreign producers looking to do international co-productions with Filipino producers.

  1. Maximize the country’s comparative advantage as a location site for international film and television content production, to promote tourism and investment in the Philippines
  2. Streamline and expedite processing of requirements for foreign filmmakers seeking to film in the Philippines, for ease of business and flexibility
  3. Strengthen artistic and technical linkages and collaboration among foreign film producers and artists with the Philippines’ homegrown pool of film workers and film production teams
  4. Promote Filipino films for distribution in global markets and festivals abroad
  5. Generate revenue for Filipino film artists and production and technical service providers in the country



As a program under the the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the National Registry aims to organize a veritable database of all active film and television workers, audio-visual companies, audio-visual organizations, and film festivals all over the country, and open avenues for opportunities and activities that will promote the growth and development of the local audio-visual industry and promote its participation in both domestic and world markets.

NR also seeks to consolidate efforts as an empowered community of stakeholders so that film and audiovisual workers’ voices may be heard and real action may be realized through the development of legislation and policy, education, social welfare, training, protection of intellectual property (IP), and freedom of expression, with active participation from all the sectors and stakeholders in the audiovisual industry.



The Safe Filming Program is a program by the Film Development Council of the Philippines in partnership with the Department of Health and the Department of Labor and Employment, which implements the strategies and guidelines of the FDCP-DOLE-DOH Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-001. It provides a global resource website that outlines the principles of safe production and provides information about systems, resources, forms, and all related documents and issuances to ensure working safely in the Philippines for both local and international film and audiovisual productions.

Safe Filming is also a platform that allows for active collaboration with stakeholders through the project registration process, which FDCP coordinates with government agencies such as DOLE, DOH, DILG, and LGUs for the monitoring of compliance to the guidelines of the FDCP-DOLE-DOH Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-001. Other OSH-related concerns from the OSH Officers or workers, including work-related injuries, illnesses, and any unsafe working conditions, may also be coursed through the Safe Filming for proper inspection.



CreatePHFilms is a funding program administered by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) to encourage the production of quality local films and the artistic creation of Filipino filmmakers through financial support for local project development, production, post-production, and distribution.