The Film Location Engagement Desk, or FLEX serves local and foreign productions with inter-0agency assistance for government permits, locations, and production logistics in the Philippines, and also engagement with Philippine production companies, technical suppliers and crew. FLEX is the single-window clearance office that provides a general endorsement to productions to assist in their transactions with government offices accross the country, through the engagement of a Filipino producing partner or production company.

Local or international productions conducted in the Philippines, for film and audio-visual content only (live events and news coverage are not included).

A Foreign production company or a Filipino production company registered with the FDCP National Registry, doing production work in the Philippines.

Any genre. Themes that are not pornographic or portraying the Philippines in a negative light.

At least 2 months before any production activity in the Philippines, send the completed FLEX Application Form and supporting documents.

Film Location Engagement Desk (FLEX) can provide assistance in the following:

  1. Finding your partner: Connecting with local film companies: production (line production, co-production), post-production, animation studio, distributors
  2. Location scouting: Connecting with local location managers or local government units to facilitate location scouting
  3. Sourcing of skilled cast & crew: Assistance in sourcing Casting Directors and Filipino seasoned actors and performers as well as film crew through the FDCP National Registry
  4. Sourcing of equipment technical facilities: Assistance with securing better rates for accommodations, transportation, suppliers, production equipment and technical facilities
  5. Securing Visas and Special working permits: Coordinating with the Philippine foreign affairs and immigration offices to obtain visas and special working permits for foreign crew
  6. Obtaining location permits: Issuance of various government permits expedited by way of our agency’s endorsement.
  7. Production logistics: Coordinating with local government units regarding production logistics (traffic re-routing, security detail, and other on-ground logistic aspects)
  8. Special government production assets: Coordinating with government agencies regarding special production requirements (i.e. military vehicles, armory and weapons)
  9. Conditionally free importation and exportation: Importing and/or exporting equipment necessary for the production of your project.
  10. Implementing Health and Safety Protocol: Assisting and orienting in the implementation of the Covid 19 Safety and Health guidelines with FDCP Safe Filming registration

All year long, with up to 60 working days depending on the services needed.




Submit the FLEX form and documents
10 Days Max
Receive Confirmation
6 Days Max
Coordinate with the FilmPhilippines Office
40 Days Max
Shoot your film