Productions Shot in the Philippines

The Philippines, dubbed as Pearl of the Orient, has been paradise to most projects that shot it the country such as Almost Paradise, The Bourne Legacy, and Avengers: Infinity War.


In the Philippines, it's been amazing. We're the first people that are gonna bring it to the United States and show'em absolutely how beautiful it is here and how many unbelievable colors - you can't get this anywhere else in the world - you know, we're using it as a backdrop, we're using it as another character

Christian Kane | Actor, Almost Paradise

  • Being down here, we have a lot of access. We can do beach stuff, we can do the resorts but we also have easy access to the docks, the slums, where you're going to have a little bit more rough and tumble.

    Erin Keegan | Producer, Almost Paradise
  • Actors are really good- a lot of potential to expand on the next level with services and co-productions with Hollywood productions from all over the world, you know.

  • In making the Bourne Legacy movies, we always end up going to exotic locations and the biggest strength that we found in Manila was that they've had the history of making movies. They actually knew what it was like to do it.