Please note that all information provided by the applicant will be held by FilmPhilippines, the Selection Committee, and FDCP on a strictly commercial-in-confidence basis. Some information may be provided to the Philippine government, or an external auditor in order to assess the application . These parties likewise will be bound to treat such information as commercial-in-confidence.



Provisional Application may be submitted either before, during, or after production—provided that the project meets the requirement of (1) being wholly or partly made in the Philippines, (2) having partnership with a Filipino line-producer, post-production company, and/or animation studio, and having a minimum of PHP 3,000,000 (depending on the format) to be spent on the QPPE. Reckoning period of the qualifying expenses should only start from the receipt of complete provisional notification from the FilmPhilippines Office.  

Please also note that the project must begin its principal photography, animation, or post-production, within six (6) months from approval of the grant.


Each project has a maximum period of two (2) years (three [3] years for animation projects) after its signing of the MOA to complete the final verification process. Within this period, the applicant may already activate the verification as soon as – (a) the declared production activity in the Philippines has finished, (b) the FLIP final verification form has been accomplished, and (c) all required documents have been submitted to [email protected] including their final audit report.

Technical Requirements

  1. Submit your complete application requirements in PDF file format to [email protected] with the subject field labeled “FLIP PROVISIONAL APPLICATION ” ”.
  2. Submit your application within the application cycle and working hours (9am to 6 pm PHT) from Monday to Friday, with the exception of Philippine holidays.
  3. Please submit your application at least a week before the last day of the cycle of application. FPO will only send notice of complete application after the last day of the cycle. [email protected] with the subject "ICOF PROVISIONAL APPLICATION: [name of project]” For submission of final verification requirements, use the subject “FINAL VERIFICATION: [name of project]" 
  4. You may submit your application requirement on a) a single PDF file with all annexes (except for the script which you should submit as a separate attachment) grouped and labelled with the name of the project in all capital letters (compress the file size to around 10MB if possible) OR b) a well-organized file-sharing link with all the annexes properly named as per the requirement checklist and the name of your projectThe FDCP will disregard these and consider your application incomplete.
  5. DO NOT send any element or item from your application individually or in separate emails. The FDCP will disregard these and consider your application incomplete.
  6. Ensure all the requirements on the checklist are supplied in English.
  7. The official date of your submission will be the date that FPO confirms completion of your application. 
  8. Once the Provisional Application is verified complete, please send the hard copy of your signed and notarized statutory declaration to: FILM DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF THE PHILIPPINES 855 Kalaw Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000, Metro Manila, Philippines.