FILMPH Incentives (FLIP) Suspended Under COVID19 Crisis

Co-Production Incentives
June 07, 2020

In its priority realignments for the balance of year 2020 in the light of the current Covid-19 crisis worldwide, the FilmPhilippines Office of the Film Development Council of the Philippines has suspended its Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP) effective April 30, 2020, and until further notice. The previous FLIP applications for its first cycle (complete submissions until April 30 th ) will be processed as scheduled.

While Covid-19 continues to ravage communities and economies across the globe, many have paid heed to their governments’ efforts to control their local situations. Where quarantine schemes have been implemented, there has been marked improvement with the numbers of infections and deaths. The health crisis has affected every manner of living and work, but many have chosen to positive the situation and look forward to continuing to do work in the context of the “new normal”. In the homefront, FilmPhilippines has re- allocated some of its funds to the Disaster/Emergency Assistance and Response (DEAR) program which supports local freelance film and audiovisual workers with wage subsidy and financial assistance. The Film Development Council of the Philippines has since began work on safety protocols and guidelines for the film and audiovisual community in cooperation with the national government and the different private sectors of the film and audiovisual industry for the resumption of work in the film and AV industry.